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Onze externe werkplekken zijn een flexibele manier om alternatieve kantoorruimte voor u en uw team te huren en te beheren. We hebben Europa's grootste netwerk van on-demand, kortetermijnwerkplekken waar u uit kunt kiezen en onze Safety First Badge laat u weten welke van onze werkplekken op afstand voldoen aan de strenge COVID-veiligheidsrichtlijnen.

Performing teams need access to hybrid workspaces

We believe that you and your teams should work how and where it can be most productive. The new flexibility allows everyone to have the best of all worlds – Get ready for the new normal and utilize a mix of WFH, traditional office space and offsite spaces effectively.

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The heart of your team and culture

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Offsite Spaces

When you meet, build, grow, develop, sell, …

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For focus and individual work

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Our Vision of the future of workspaces

In times like these, full office presence is barely a prerequisite anymore. Basic tech solutions have been adopted widely and allow work to be distributed more remotely in many areas. While some of us are still getting used to it, innovative companies have pathed a way and committed to a future in which WFH will cover a considerable part of their work. We believe it is important to understand the value that a good home office setup brings to your team: it can provide the best environment particular for individual tasks that require your team to work focussed and diligently without distractions.

However, relying on employees to work from home exclusively is not always feasible and mostly not desirable from a culture and development perspective. Sticking to routines is one thing, but improvement and growth are usually achieved when people gather to support and challenge each other. Your office is that place that has to serve as an anchor for your team to experience culture, purpose and growth. We believe that most offices these days fall short of fulfilling their duties of a true headquarter: a place for people to buy into the company’s mission, to meet and to develop further.

While traditional and home offices serve well for many cases, it is important to understand that neither of them can ever create the right environment for every situation (e.g. product presentations, strategy meetings, confidential talks, etc.). It’s proven that minimal changes in environment can change an atmosphere from open-minded to closed-door and thereby ultimately impact work and outcomes adversly. Therefore we believe that adding easy-access to offsite spaces to the mix of becomes indispensable for situations in which teams need to meet.

Implementing this trifecta of workspaces well, gives a company the potential to not only save on real estate but streamline processes and ultimately create a more-thriving environment for everyone. When facing the challenge to craft a future-proof working environment, a true understanding of working environments and finding the balance for your team is key.

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Understanding the true value of workspaces

Executive Summary in 6 statements

  • Work from home stays relevant for 2-3 days a week for most employees
  • Offsite spaces complete a workspace mix of traditional office and work-from-home
  • Work environments are more actively considered by teams and during job-hunt
  • Traditional offices become smaller and more focussed around meeting areas rather than desks
  • Real estate contracts become more flexible and overall budgets shrink/get reallocated to on-demand solutions
  • Workspace choice should be flexibly given to the employee instead of the company

Wat is de belangrijkste reden voor je score?

Naast COVID-19 is de manier waarop teams werken aan het veranderen en zijn veel bedrijven bezig met het herconfigureren van hun gebruik van kantoorruimte op de lange termijn. Dit betekent dat er gekeken moet worden naar alternatieve kantoorwerkplekken waar teams samen off-site werken.
Afgelegen werkplekken zijn een economische manier om uw team productief te houden en uw bedrijf soepel te laten draaien. Het hebben van extra ruimte helpt u een optie te vinden die werkt, en open te blijven voor de toekomst.


Beheer herintreding

Geef medewerkers externe werkplekken om vanuit te werken, zodat niet iedereen in één keer naar het hoofdkantoor gaat. Minder mensen op het hoofdkantoor betekent dat u sociale afstandsmaatregelen kunt nemen.


Verlichting van WFH-moeheid

Thuiswerken veroorzaakt afleiding en isolement, dus geef uw teams een afgelegen werkplek om te ontsnappen wanneer ze die nodig hebben.


Alternatief kantoor bij mij in de buurt

Laat werknemers een werkplek kiezen in de buurt van hun woonplaats, zodat ze niet hoeven te pendelen - we hebben allerlei inspirerende ruimtes in ons portfolio, in steden over de hele wereld.


Gemakkelijk budgetteren

Ons onbeperkt gebruik pakket is kosteneffectief en maakt het mogelijk om de kosten per werknemer eenvoudig te budgetteren.

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