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Are you a business owner looking to host a meeting in Heerlen? Then you’ve found the right place. Here at Deskbookers we're committed to finding you the best meeting rooms in Heerlen. Whether you need it for 5 people or 20, we have a wide selection of meeting rooms available. Often found in city centers close to the transport links, you’ll be able to find the perfect meeting room in Heerlen.

If you find a venue that you’re interested in, check its availability first. Then check the additional products that come with the venue. Things like projectors, whiteboards or flipcharts can be found. You will also be able to see the facilities available with the venue, restaurants, security, tea and coffee and so on. You’ll also see what type of internet connection is available. Remember that it’s possible reserve spaces in blocks, or just for an hour if you need it. Remember that you can cancel or amend the booking at any point up until 24 hours before the booking begins (unless you’ve ordered catering, in which case it's 48 hours).

See all meeting rooms in Heerlen
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