About Deskbookers

Deskbookers was founded in September 2013 and is currently located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Deskbookers offers a trusted online platform on which people throughout Europe can find and book unique and inspiring working spaces - via the website, a mobile device or by phone.

Whether it's a meeting room for an hour, a flexible working space for a day, or a coaching room for a fixed period of time; Deskbookers brings people together for a unique working experience. Offering first class customer service and a growing supply of locations, Deskbookers is the easiest way for people to work and meet.

Why Deskbookers?

We believe that to be successful in your job, you choose a workspace which best reflects the activities for that day. This is why Deskbookers wants to helps professionals find and book the best workspaces whenever and wherever they want.

Our Founders

Deskbookers was founded by Dutch childhood friends Jeroen Arts and Frank Derks. Read more about the founders here.