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Meeting Room Capacity in Liverpool

Do you need to rent a meeting room for large group of people in Liverpool? Meeting rooms come in a variety of sizes and can cover the needs of 10 people up to 50. Do you need it for just an hour, or maybe for a full week, then you’re in the right place! Here at Deskbookers we want to help you find the perfect meeting room in Liverpool to host your meeting. All the rooms have WiFi available, most offer tea and coffee, and some even have restaurants on site.

Once you think you’ve found your ideal space, click on the venue and check it’s availability using the online calendar. If it’s available, it’s yours. Just to put your mind at ease, the booking can be amended or cancelled up to 24 hours before the reservation, for whatever reason. Booking a meeting room in Liverpool has never been so easy!

See all meeting rooms in Liverpool

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