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DB for Partners Basic

Reach a higher occupancy rate, win new clients and manage your bookings- and administration process all in one tool.

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  • Bookings Management Tool
  • Calendar Integration
  • Service Provider integration
  • Automated Billing & Payment

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DB for Partners Plus

Create an e-commerce experience, fully integrated in your own website and keep track of your ongoing business.

Customized pricing for additional services

  • Internet Booking Engine
  • Custom invoicing
  • Customer Promotion Tools
  • Analytics

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Here are our most frequently asked questions and answers about our 30-day trial, the onboarding, and pricing. Would you like to find out more? Feel free to contact us.

If I sign up for a monthly subscription, will I be locked into a minimum number of months?

No you are not. When you sign up to a monthly subscription, we won’t lock you into any minimum subscription length. You can cancel the subscription anytime before your next billing date and we will not charge you going forward.

How does the ‘Deskbookers for Partners’ free trial work?

During your free trial, you will get your own account with access to all basic or any additional Plus features. This will offer you the ability to explore all the features. After your trial period, you will automatically enroll into the monthly subscription and pay the monthly fee, unless you cancel your subscription before the end of the 30-days trial.

Do you support multiple locations?

Yes. Deskbookers for Partners is built to support multiple locations. It’s part of our core functionality and you pay per location.

We just started our business. Do you have any discounts?

Sure. We’d love to support your new venture. Get in touch to find out more.