Deskbookers is the Airbnb for work and meeting spaces and we are one of the fastest growing startups in Europe (100.000+ bookings so far). Right now we are getting ready to conquer the international market. Are you a software developer who is passionate about his/her code, do you like challenges and do you believe in teamwork? Then we need your help!

Soon we will rebuild our platform into microservices (in the cloud using Docker). Currently our platform is built on top of AWS’s using custom EC2s. As a passionate infrastructure engineer you will help us move to Docker like setups. One of your challenges will be to make sure our services are as efficient and fast as possible while still be able to deploying rapidly and making sure quality is assures. You will set up development environments and deployment processes (production and testing), monitor infrastructures and jump in when needed. Other than that you will tweak servers to make them as efficiënt and fast as possible and make sure our infrastructure is highly available, scalable and efficiënt.

What we would like you to know:

  • Node.JS
  • Linux
  • Git
  • Cloud solutions like Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Automated building/testing (Jenkins)
  • Hosting microservices (Docker)

Knowledge we would appreciate:

  • Servers based on PHP
  • CDN platforms (like CloudFront)
  • Setting up PostgreSQL (v9+) servers


  • Are passionate about technique and bright solutions
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Write clean, organised and readable code
  • Eager to learn new things
  • Used to work with the SCRUM methology

Why you should work for us?

Working for Deskbookers you will be part of a fast growing startup in Europe. We have a fun, hardworking team that is focused on the success of Deskbookers. Next to fresh fruits, lunch and coffee available every day we have friday drinks and regular team events. As a software engineer you get the opportunity to improve your knowledge and skills to do trainings (€1000,- a year) or to work on your own projects for Deskbookers. There will be an internal hackaton arranged every month and you can get the opportunity to think of cool ideas on how to improve Deskbookers. On top of the monthly donation you will receive on a bank account by choice, you can get stock options and a holiday to a destination by choice (with a value up to €1000,-). We are willing to sponsor VISAs.

Still interested? Please tell us why you want to work with us and how you can make an impact at Deskbookers. Tell us what projects you are most proud of and what you want to learn. We would love to hear about the Github-projects or IT-projects you do alongside your job.