Jeroen Arts, founder of Deskbookers

Jeroen [1984] is the co-founder of Deskbookers. He is responsible for the strategy and product development of Deskbookers. Jeroen believes that people should have the freedom and flexibility to choose their ideal working environment. This induces the possibility of making new contacts, improving productivity and provides more inspiration when you need it most. Jeroen knows the co-founder Frank Derks from the time they shared at high school, where they attended together. Jeroen obtained his masters degree in international economics at the Radboud University in Nijmegen.

Frank Derks, founder of Deskbookers

Frank [1984] came up with the idea of Deskbookers together with his old classmate Jeroen Arts. He was inspired by the limitations and frustrations at the inflexibility of workspaces he experienced in his first role after graduating. As a result, during the evenings and weekends, Frank developed together with Jeroen a strategy to help them realise their dream to change the way in which people work and meet one another. Frank gets inspired by customers who are passionate about Deskbookers mission to provide people with the best opportunity to meet and work. Frank is responsible for the customers, employees and the international expansion of Deskbookers. Frank studied Business Sciences at the Radboud University in Nijmegen.