Find Your Perfect Office Space for Rent: 7 Tips You Need To Know

By Deskbookers on May 17th, 2019

You are looking for a new office space. Where do you start? What’s a fair price? The ideal size? The best office set up?

Perhaps you are just starting out and are now at a stage in which a ‘proper’ office makes sense. Or maybe your company has outgrown your current office space and you’re on the lookout for a bigger one.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a suitable office space for rent in recent years. With the fast growing number of companies, the difficulty of navigating the real estate landscape and the sheer amount of online information, it can take you up to 6 months to find a solution!

Planning ahead significantly improves your chances of succeeding.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of tips you should know when looking for and choosing your perfect office space for rent. Let’s dive right in...

1. Know What You Really Want

Get your needs straight on day one of your quest! What are deal breakers? What are nice-to-haves and what are your must-haves?  Can it be a shared office space or is a private office space more suitable in your case?

Think about it in a realistic way and leave the dreaming for holidays and romance. As a tip, use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to help you identify yours and build up from there.

Determine minimum/maximum requirements of size, location, and budget. When it comes to size, start with your team count. A good rule of thumb is 19 square meters per employee. However, if you decide for an open space, then 9-14 square meters per employee is already enough. Check out this office space calculator from TenantBase to get a feeling of what is better for you.

Next, calculate how much budget you have for renting an office space. Don't forget deposits and other costs you might encounter at the beginning of the lease.

Choose a location that's accessible to your employees, clients, and suppliers. Accessibility by major roads and public transport is a huge plus.

Before moving forward, make sure you take these factors into consideration. Or you might end up spinning around in circles and delaying the process.

2. Consider Multiple Office Setups

Choosing the right office setup is a big one when looking into your next office space for rent.

Different setups accommodate for different needs. For example, a shared office space offers you the opportunity for networking, an existing IT infrastructure, security and the flexibility of a short lease.

A private office space, in turn, gives you more flexibility in the way you want to structure your space. Your business may have special needs like meetings spaces, training or workshop rooms or event spaces that you can design accordingly in a private office space.

There is also the possibility of going for a serviced office. This setup provides you with access to all facilities needed to run your company and generally offers more flexible lease contracts. Ideal for startups looking to reduce their overheads and expenses while balancing flexibility with stability.

Another question that’ll come up is: furnished or unfurnished? If you’re tight on budget, the unfurnished option may be better for you. In this case, consider looking into second hand offers on platforms like Marktplaats (NL) or Ebay Kleinanzeigen (D).

Remember that office design adds great value to your company, its culture and even collaboration between coworkers. It’s worth spending a good amount of thought here.

3. Get Informed, Use Your Network!

Start your search online and see what offers you come across.

Talk to people around you and ask them to keep an eye out for you in case they hear or see something that might be a fit. You never know, right?!

Get creative! Consider mentioning your team’s office search in your email signature, for example.

Talk to people who’ve been through this process to find out how they handled it. You may shine light on your blind spots.

4. Use An Online Broker

Too overwhelming to figure things out by yourself? Try reaching out to us!

We are Europe’s largest flexible office and meeting space booking platform, providing companies with direct access to thousands of office and meeting spaces across the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium.

Our platform allows anyone the chance to quickly search for their perfect office and book a tour or instantly book meeting and training spaces. We offer options for short and long term offices customized around your needs. From monthly to yearly contracts, our team helps you find your perfect work space. For all team sizes and budgets.

Get in touch with us. Our service is absolutely free and no strings attached!

5. Speak With A Trusted Advisor

Talking to an objective, 3rd party advisor is critical to understanding the lay of the land and finding the best office and deal for you.

Our team can fill that need. We know the market like the palm of our hands and can easily translate your needs into potential options, saving you the hassle of finding an office space for rent.

We help you figure out which office set up is best for your business’s current stage and provide you with all the relevant options, including their pricing and objective reviews, in our database. All in one easy to understand overview.

6. At The Viewing...

May the fun begin! When viewing potential options, make sure you understand what is and what isn’t included in your rent.

A very important thing here is to get informed on possibilities of office expansion. Many times, teams grow quicker than expected so it’s crucial to know whether properties can accommodate for your growth.  

If you’re going for a shared office, make sure you get a feel for its community. You’ll be around it day in day out so it’s important to know whether your team fits in.

7. Contract Tips

When you’re negotiating the lease, flexibility should be your main focus! The more, the merrier…

Also, be sure that both you and the property owner are crystal clear on respective responsibilities. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises once you’re in. In general, try to avoid overspending on rent, going too small on predicting future needs and missing out on important lease terms.

Last but definitely not least, have your lease contract reviewed by an attorney just to make sure.  

Want more assistance on your quest towards finding the perfect office space for rent? Get in touch with us. We are happy to help!

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