Cowork Vs. Private Office Space

By Deskbookers on May 31st, 2019

What differentiates a coworking space from a private office? What are the advantages of each? Drawbacks? What works better for your business?

Since its inception, the coworking phenomenon has lastingly transformed the way we work. Startups and corporates alike are moving into coworking spaces and adopting their culture.

The main selling point? Fun and community as part of working culture.

But private offices have their advantages too! Offering gravitas, control and stability, this option remains very much sought-after.

If you are an entrepreneur and looking for a space, you might wonder what to choose. To that end, we’ve put together a guide to help you out with your decision. Let’s dive in!

1. Network and community

Looking for events to network and learn from others? Not sure where to go? Or maybe not enough time to commute? Well, look no more!

Coworking spaces are a hotbed for networking. The spaces offer a variety of events where industry leaders come to share their professional stories and learnings. 100% guaranteed to keep you and your small team motivated and inspired. Added bonus - being part of a fun and young community from which you can learn a lot and share ideas with.

But these perks can come at a price!

Its shareable space characteristic gives you less control over who you surround yourself with. It might seem all peaches and cream at the beginning but as new tenants move in, the atmosphere can take a different turn. Plus, distractions can make it harder for you to focus on your work.

A private office offers you a lot of... well, privacy! Depending on the way you like to work, this can have a huge impact on your  productivity.

Yet, private offices can get a bit dull at times. To break the status quo, try arranging fun activities outside the office with the team and weekly Friday drinks. Also, you can think about how you can outfit and decorate your private office to embody your culture.

2. Resources, utilities and maintenance

Ready for some awesome news?

Coworking spaces offer you all the resources needed for a seamless working day. Coffee, printing, cleaning... no need to worry about any of these if you go for a coworking space.

Extra benefit? The good ol' friend, IT infrastructure, is already in place so you can start working as soon as you move in.

A private office needs more love, time and investment from your side. Setting up, keeping track and paying different providers monthly can be time-consuming in the long-term.

Imagine looking at the bills each month and having to renegotiate contracts with your providers. This can lead to cut backs which in turn will lead to sacrificing the quality of the employee’s working space (i.e. bye bye shared kitchen where we all used to meet during lunch and break time. We will miss you dearly!)

Not sure where to start your search? On Deskbookers you can find over 1.000 locations all around the world!

3. Price and Flexibility

Coworking spaces = super flexible and generally speaking more affordable than private offices.

Forget about that long-term contract commitment! If your needs change, you can upgrade your membership the next month and have everything in place in no time. It’s a perfect solution if you have a small team or you are at the beginning of your business journey.

Private offices = pretty expensive and rigid. Imagine signing a long-term lease with landlords and upfront security deposits that will not expire for years. As a small business, this can go against your nature.

Need an objective opinion on the current market prices? Get in touch with one of our trusted advisors to get more insights.  

4. Office Space Personality

Design is essential in creating a good vibe and making people want to stay longer. Simply put, design is the personality of a space! As you might have guessed, the personality of a coworking space differs immensely from that of a private office.

A coworking space has a fun, creative and cozy atmosphere. You will find ping pong tables, bean bags, hammocks, funky walls full of designs and a free flow of yummy coffee. Ah, the perks of feeling like a kid again!

Safe to say - there are plenty of good vibes to keep you inspired and productive.

A private office usually tends to give out a more monotone vibe and feel a bit uninspiring at times.

But do not beat yourself down just yet! You have the option to furnish the office yourself and thus add a personal feeling and warmth to it. Added bonus? It shows gravitas to your clients and stakeholders.

Which leads us to the next section…

5. Clients meetings

A big disadvantage when working in a coworking space is the lack of control you have in presenting your brand to potential customers. Meaning you might end up not giving them a single glance into what you are all about!

Even if you have a dedicated office, there are some restrictions in bringing in your business’ own style to the table.

Private offices give you the freedom to showcase your own brand to your clients and give away the right vibes.

Important point - if your business is known to value confidentiality, a traditional office might be the wiser choice.

So...Which option is better for you?

For small businesses at the beginning of their journey it can be hard to decide which way to steer the wheel. But it does not have to be!

Start with tuning into your business’ needs and personality. Does a more creative and fun environment fit with your business? Or does it make more sense to bring in your own style and have more privacy for you?

Need some guidance? We can help you out! Based on your business’s current stage, we can provide you with all the relevant options, including pricing and objective reviews. All in one easy to understand overview.

Want to know more on how we can help? Get in touch with us today!

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